Silicone oil emulsion

Silicone oil emulsion


XH-306Silicone oil emulsion

 Silicone oil emulsion
Silicone oil emulsion

The component of product

The product is composed of silicone oil, water and emulsifier, which is emulsified by emulsifying equipment.

Product technical index

1, appearance: milky liquid

2. Ionic characteristics: non-ionic

3. PH value: 7

4, oil content: 15 ~ 60% (according to user requirements)

5, centrifugal stability: 3000r/min,15min no stratification, no oil drift


1. It can be used as water-based defoaming agent in non-staple food, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and so on.

2, can be used as rubber and plastic products, metal casting, glass products release agent.

3, can be used for fabric finishing, and other auxiliaries used in combination, does not affect the permeability of the fiber itself.

Packing, storage and transportation

1. This product is packed in a clean, airtight plastic bucket or coated iron bucket, stored in a cool and ventilated place, acid and alkali proof.

2. This product shall be stored and transported as non-dangerous goods.

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