Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethytrisloxane

Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethytrisloxane


Chemical Name
Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethytrisloxane

Structural formula

Technical indicators

project index
Exterior Colorless to light amber liquid
Active substance content (%) 100%
Viscosity (25℃, mm2/s) 15~25
Surface Tension (0.1%aq.)  20.0~21.0 mN/m
Cloud point (0.1%In aqueous


Performance and use
performance:Agricultural silicone additive is a low molecular weight silicone polyether nonionic surfactant used to improve the wetting, dispersing and penetrating properties of pesticides, especially aqueous broadleaf herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators. Performance.

Uses: Significantly reduce the surface tension of aqueous pesticide mixtures to levels far below those achieved with traditional nonionic surfactants. At a low concentration of 0.01%, the surface tension can be reduced to 23 dynes/cm or less, and extremely fast wetting and dispersing on
surfaces that are difficult to wet such as foliar waxy layers, thereby allowing herbicides and insecticides , complete coverage of fungicides and other pesticides. In addition to rapid wetting and dispersion, super wetting agents can greatly increase the uptake of pesticides by plant tissues. The addition of a wetting agent in the herbicide tank mixing can significantly improve the wetting efficiency, especially in the application of water-soluble herbicides in broadleaf control. Rapid intake can produce “rainfastness” – because the herbicide has penetrated into the plant’s internal tissues, it will not be washed away by rain。
For direct addition in pesticide formulations, the components can be added directly as a formulation. It is stable in neutral aqueous formulation (pH=7), but degrades rapidly in acidic or alkaline formulations. Super wetting agents can be mixed before use to improve the biological properties of the spray. It can be added to the pesticide formula or to the tank spray. Add pesticide formula: It is recommended to add 0.5-8% of the pesticide stock solution. It is recommended to adjust the pH of the pesticide formula to 6-8.Add to the tank spray method: Usually add 50 grams of H-77 (4000 times) per 200 kg of spray. Under normal circumstances, different application fields and corresponding addition parameters are as follows: plant growth regulator 0.025-0.05%; herbicide 0.025-0.15%; insecticide 0.025-0.1%; fungicide 0.015-0.05%; fertilizer and trace The amount of the element is 0.015-0.1%.

Packaging, storage and transportation
This product is packed in 25L and 200L plastic drums, 200L plastic coated iron drums, and rigid plastic composite intermediate bulk containers (IBC) TC1000S. When storing, avoid contact with substances that can cause chemical reactions, such as acids, alkalis, oxidants, etc., to prevent denaturation and store in a cool dry place. This product is non-dangerous and can be transported according to the conditions of ordinary goods.



Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethytrisloxane


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