Multifunctional Polyether silicone oil

Multifunctional Polyether silicone oil


Multifunctional Polyether silicone oil:XH-209S

Product composition:

diamino polydimethylsiloxane

technical indicators:

Polyether silicone oil Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent or slightly turbid viscous oily liquid

Ionic: weak cation

Active substance content (wt.) : 98±1%

Viscosity (25℃, mPa·s) : 2000~4000

Ammonia value: 0.30 + / – 0.05

Specific gravity (25℃, g/mL) : 0.950-0.975

PH value (25℃) : 7.5±0.5

Refractive index: 1.4010~1.4080

Solubility: soluble in benzene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in water


1, used for finishing all kinds of natural fiber and chemical fiber like silk, wool like, like linen and other fabrics, especially suitable for finishing wool, cashmere, silk and other fabrics;

2. The emulsion of the product can be used with non-ionic or cationic film, soft bead, soft oil essence, polyester and other additives.

However, corresponding tests should be done before use to determine no adverse reactions.

recommended process:

1. Preparation of microemulsion with 30% solid content

The product 100kg, emulsifier: 50kg, water (deionized water or tap water) 359kg, glacial acetic acid: 1K

Put the product and emulsifier in stainless steel container, stir well, dissolve glacial acetic acid in 50kg water, stir

Slowly add into the container, and then slowly add the remaining water, until completely dispersed, to get a colorless or light blue transparent microemulsion.

Emulsifying equipment can be high shear emulsifier or conventional reactor. No heating is required for emulsification.

2. The dosage of 30% emulsion is 20~60g/L of finishing bath, which can be increased or decreased appropriately according to needs.

3, using the original finishing equipment and process, one dip one rolling or two dip two rolling, high temperature baking. Polyester imitation silk,

Wool-like fabrics and other common curing conditions are 150~180℃×1′ 30″~2’30”.

Packaging and storage:

1, 50kg or 120kg polyethylene plastic drum or 200kg iron drum packaging;

2. Place in a cool place (indoor), sealed and stored for 6 months;

3. This product is non-dangerous goods, which can be transported by land, water and air.

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