(CH3)3SiO[SIO(CH3)2]nSi(CH3)3 10cs Dimethyl silicone oil

(CH3)3SiO[SIO(CH3)2]nSi(CH3)3 10cs Dimethyl silicone oil


10cs Dimethyl silicone oil

(CH3)3SiO[SIO(CH3)2]nSi(CH3)3 10cs Dimethyl silicone oil
(CH3)3SiO[SIO(CH3)2]nSi(CH3)3 Dimethyl silicone oil

Product Introduction:

 1, chemical name: dimethyl silicone oil 10 viscosity

2. Structural formula: / molecular formula


Main physical performance indicators

technical index:201-10cs

dynamic viscosity:10+-1

flashing point:150


refractive index:1.3900~1.4010

Packing, storage and transportation

1. The product should be stored in a clean, dry and neutral plastic or tin bucket.

2. The products shall be stored in the factory building with moisture-proof and direct sunlight protection, and acid and alkali substances shall be strictly prevented from entering the packing barrel.

3, effective storage period is half a year, according to the non-dangerous goods stored and transported.

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